About Me

Default Models was created in January 2011. I am a wargamer that wanted to game on battlefields that look like the location that they are meant to be. For this reason I am creating a range of resin models for use on modern battlefields, starting with Cold War Germany. Initially, the main aim will be to produce buildings of the type that I need a few of and as I will need to make the molds then they will be for sale. If you have any specific requests for buildings, please let me know at jezamonos@sky.com. To order drop me an email, I accept paypal.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Modern German Apartment

The next model to be released in 20mm is the kind of apartment block or "Mietskaserne" that can be found all over Germany from the 60's and is ideal for making your cold war towns out of. It is three floors with a cellar level implied on the ground windows.

This is a 5 peice model, front, sides, rear and roof and requires assembly. It measures 230mm x 120mm x 95mm.

Price is £15 each + P&P

Modern Garage

First from the Default Models workshop is this Garage. It is flat pack and comes in 5 parts for ease of assembly or conversion. It measures 40mm high by 75mm long by 55mm wide. It costs £3.50 each plus P&P.

This example has been wonderfully painted by Johan Van Ooij, shown with a Minimi Fiat626 for scale.